According to the National Association of Retailers, about 73% of Americans use coupons. If you use discounts and pay attention to sales, you can save a few hundred dollars a week on goods and products in the USA. It is quite profitable considering the fact that a part of the population is forced to receive state aid. So, if you want to save money on groceries in the USA, use coupons and supermarket sales. One more way to save time and money is Hertz Hillsboro Oregon rental cars.

Before shopping, you need to clearly distinguish the manufacturer’s coupons and the retailer’s coupons (the supermarket you have chosen). Talking about the retailer’s coupons, everything is quite simple. Every week, the national supermarket chains place hundreds of goods for sale, notifying the consumer. When you enter any supermarket, you can find a weekly list (usually it is published on eight pages) of lucrative offers. It is enough to receive a membership card of this supermarket in the service department, and then, when calculating at the checkout, the discount will be automatically calculated.

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A consumer, who intends to save money on supermarket coupons, can watch in advance the goods on sale. Today weekly discounts for each supermarket are quite easy to find on the Internet. Moreover, since each network sets weekly discounts on different products, you can choose the supermarket where the discounts are most satisfying. However, this is just one of the ways to save money. The second and sometimes more profitable way is the use of coupons from the manufacturer.

Practically all large American companies print coupons, which make it possible to save on their products. Companies are vitally interested in consumer loyalty, so they are trying to attract consumers with large discounts on their products. The convenience of the manufacturer’s coupons is at the fact that they must be accepted in any shop, not only in supermarkets or in large stores. At the same time, some stores double the discount for using such coupons. Unfortunately, in most parts of New York this doubling is limited to 99 cents or one dollar. A list of supermarkets, doubling coupons can be found on the Internet.

There are at least four ways to get coupons.

The classic way is to buy a Sunday newspaper.

As a rule, in the Sunday edition of the New York Times you can find an application in which about 200 coupons are printed for the products of various companies. Typically, these booklets are collected and published by companies, like SmartSource, RedPlum or P & G. You can also check other publications, perhaps there will be coupons from other manufacturers. It should be remembered that most of the coupons, which can be found in newspapers, always have a limited duration – from two weeks to three months.

Get coupons online.

Today there are hundreds of websites where you can order coupons from the manufacturer. Several booklets could be sent to you, it costs only a few dollars (depending on the site). It should be remembered that buying and selling coupons is prohibited by law, companies offering you these booklets, take money only for printing and shipping. The disadvantage of this method of getting coupons is the shipment, which takes from several days to a week. That is why, when choosing the coupons, you need to pay particular attention to expiration date.

Contact the manufacturer directly.

Coupons can be ordered either by phone (the phone number appears on the product label) or on the web page of the company you are interested in. Experienced coupon hunters claim that manufacturers satisfy about 50% of such orders. At the same time, the consumer should remember that as soon as he or she sends the postal data to the company, he or she would regularly receive offers from this company. That might help to save even more.

Print the coupons by yourself.

There are dozens of websites that offer consumers free coupons that they have to print themselves. The examples of these sites are PPGazette, RedPlum and CouponMom. There you not only can print coupons, but also get useful tips from other consumers.

A good option to save money, both for tourists and for residents of the United States, is a book with coupons from the American ‘Entertainment’ company, which has been operating in the American market for over 50 years. Each year, the company publishes a book with coupons-discounts to restaurants, museums, entertainment venues, shows, cinemas, and discounts on shopping in stores and via the Internet. Special offers in the book are collected for a particular city.

The book is currently being published for more than 140 cities in the United States and several cities in Canada. With regular use of coupons, the payback of the book is 100%. You can buy the book both on the Internet and in some stores, such as Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath & Beoynd, etc. Very often, the book can be seen in ordinary American pharmacies right at the cash desk or on the shelves with magazines. Either you live in the USA or you are a tourist, you can find economical and profitable offers.